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Solar PV panels are becoming very popular and the industry is thriving. Installing solar panels will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Using the technology that converts daylight into energy means that you have a never ending supply.

Solar energy doesn’t require bright sunlight to work. Even on cloudy days your solar panels will generate electricity. They work best if they are positioned on a north facing roof that will benefit from the most daylight. When the sun comes out, the panels are more effective which means that the excess energy can be sold to the electrical grid.

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme is currently under review. It works by using small-scale technology certificates (STCs). Most residential owners appoint an agent to create STCs on their behalf. Whether you create STCs yourself or use an agent the STCs can be sold through the STC clearing house to offset the cost of your solar PV system.

A Feed-In-Tariff may be available through your electricity retailer. The amount available varies among different state governments.

Fitting solar panels usually takes one or two days. The installers will need access to your roof, loft and electricity meter, which often means that scaffolding will be required (which they will arrange). A surveyor will visit your property (at your request) to assess how many panels you will need and discuss with you where the cables will run. However, a site visit is not necessary for your initial quote. Using Google Earth to ascertain the aspect and size of your roof means quotes can be given without a site visit.

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