A Guide to Solar Panel Systems

A Guide to Solar Panel Systems

It can be a daunting task deciding what solar panel system to invest in. Like any other major purchase you have to research all the important issues concerning the product, compare quotes, compare solar panels, and compare power companies to find the best quality solar panels in Australia that will suit your needs and be cost-effective. Here, you can find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy to make an informed choice about whether or not this energy system will be for you. You can also get a solar power quote to find the best solar panel companies at the very best prices so you do not have to spend more time or money than you have to invest in this high-tech system.

How Do Solar Power Systems work?

Below you can find a comprehensive guide on how solar panels work.

Step 1 Solar panels take in sunlight
Step 2 Inverters take this sunlight and transform it into electricity
Step 3 This energy flows into the net metre
Step 4 You can enjoy having your home powered by green solar energy


When looking at different solar panel deals, you will most likely be looking at solar panel comparison for photovoltaic solar panels. These are the type of solar panels that you will tend to find on top of people’s roofs. This word photovoltaic comes from a combination of photo which means light and voltaic which means electricity. These solar panels will convert light from the sun into electricity.

The photoelectric effect is what transforms light from the sun into electricity. This is what is used in solar panels and as technology has improved in recent years they have become much more affordable when looking at solar panel price comparison. They are now efficient enough and priced competitively enough to use in a domestic environment.

Solar cells are found on top of solar panels and they are the key tool which converts sunlight into electricity. You need these large amounts of cells placed together on a panel to generate enough electricity to power your home. Inside these cells, there are two layers of silicon crystal which make a sandwich. In the top layer, the sunlight causes the atoms to be altered so that there are too many electrons, while the bottom layer has also been altered to have fewer electrons in them. This is the setup used for electricity to be produced as these electrons won’t be able to move around until the solar panel is exposed to light. When these electrons start to bounce around in the same direction, electricity is produced. The inverter then converts this electricity from DC to AC so that it is compatible with your home and can provide you with the electricity required.

What If My Solar Panels Don’t Attract Enough Energy to Power My Appliances?

Nothing to worry about. You will be connected to the grid which you can then take extra energy from whenever you need it. Of course, in Australia this should never be a problem and there is an endless supply of sunny weather for your solar panels to convert light to electricity, but what about in other parts of the world who are going to take a look into solar panel quotes. Even in the United Kingdom, which is infamous for its dreary weather, enough light is readily available for solar panels to work.

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When you are looking to compare solar panels Australia, it is important to remember that while the sunny weather does help your solar panels to convert more energy, the sun does not actually have to be shining for these to work as they can still produce energy even on cloudy days. A key point also is that solar panels are used to generate electricity and not heat.

How to Choose Solar Power Systems

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a solar power system, the table below indicates the key factors.

Temperature Coefficient
Factors to Consider


Like anything you buy, it is a good idea to compare solar panel prices between solar energy companies Australia. Different solar power systems will typically generate different solar panel quotes, depending on the physical size, the output in Watts, the quality and the brand. Of course, the best quality solar panels Australia are always going to cost you that little bit more. The cost is important as you are making an investment on your home so you want the best there is. Compare solar quotes of different types and find one that you think is a good price and value for money.


Quality is a major factor when purchasing a solar power system as you are making an investment; Therefore, you want the product to last as long as possible without any problems along the way. A good idea would be to research and see if the companies have invested time in research and development of their products. Another way to gauge the quality of a product is by looking at solar panel reviews comparisons on the websites by other customers who have purchased the system. This would give an honest reflection of the service that is provided and can inform your decision and choice.


It is important to understand your energy needs before buying the top of the range solar panel system. The most expensive solar panel system could be designed for producing more energy than your home requires, this would result in you spending more money than you need to. Carry out research and see how much energy your home would require and find solar quotes online based on your findings. There is a risk of overestimating so this would prevent any overspending.

Temperature Coefficient

Find a solar power system that is suitable for your location in the world. The high heat temperatures can damage and wear down the panels. Overheating can age the panels which is not what you want on your long-term investment. Find a solar power system suitable for your country and its climate in order to prevent damaging your new system.

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A good method to use when buying a new solar power system is gauging the warranty the company offers. Many of the best solar panel companies come with a 25-year warranty. However, if the product does not come with a warranty like this then alarm bells should start ringing. Why are they not confident enough to offer a long-term warranty on their products? Maybe because the manufacturer cannot see the system lasting 25 years. Always a good idea to check the warranty as a form of a safety net.


There are two different sizes to consider regarding solar power systems: the physical size and the size in Watts. First of all, make sure you have the physical space before purchasing the system or you will not be able to use it. Also, make sure your system has enough Watts output to power all the appliances in your house. The bigger the solar panel the more output it will have. It is important to get a solar panel system with the right amount of Watts output as you don’t want to overspend.

Advantages of Solar Power Systems?

There are many advantages that come from solar power systems which involve saving money on your bills and low maintenance costs. The main advantage of having solar power systems is that it is a renewable energy source. Since the energy that is running your electricity is originating from the sun, it can be accessed anywhere on the planet and can be available every day. Other forms of solar Energy can effectively run out, however, as long as Earth continues to orbit the sun we should not run out of sunlight!

Having a solar power system is also an effective way of reducing electricity bills. How much you will save on your bills will depend on the size of your solar panel system and your heat or electricity usage. Also, the energy you do not use from your solar panel system is automatically diverted to the grid and if connected, you will receive money for the amount that is sent back as Feed-in-Tariff.

The cost of maintaining a solar power system is rather low as they do not require much maintenance. The one part of the system that may need maintenance in the inverter; this is because the inverter is the part of the system that is converting the energy constantly. This will need to be changed after 5-10 years. Apart from this small maintenance, the key to a healthy solar panel system is to keep the panels clean by cleaning them a couple times a year. They can be cleaned by yourself or by hiring a company who come out to clean them for a small fee. This is a major benefit of having solar panel systems installed as after the initial cost of installation you do not have to do much more or spend out much.

Solar Panel System Companies?

There are a number of different solar system companies around the world ranging from China to Britain. Certain companies, such as LG, are making big technological advances by making panels which are capable of holding more Watts than any other solar panel. This will allow maximum sunlight to be transferred into energy and power more appliances. Companies such as: Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar and RGS Energy are leading the solar market.

Top 10 Solar Energy Companies Around the World

Company Headquarters
Canadian Solar Canada
Jinko Solar China
RGS Energy United States of America
Solar City United States of America
Soligent United States of America
Sunnova United States of America
Sunpower United States of America
Sunrun United States of America
Trinasolar China
Vivint United States of America

How Much Does a Solar Power Systems Cost?

When you compare solar power systems, you will find that there is quite a vast price difference in solar panel quotes. This is normally due the capacity or size, quality and brand and it is up to you to decide which system will best fit your home and be the most cost-effective. You will also need to take into account any discounts or rebates offered to you for investing in solar quotes as some states will offer incentives to do this such as the solar panel rebates Victoria. Solar panel quotes will be in the thousands and it also depends on what area you live in when looking at solar panel comparison Australia as the price will differ depending on the city that you live in. Here, we are taking a look at the solar panel price comparisons you can expect to receive depending on the area of Australia that you reside in.

Melbourne ($) 3080 3790 5980
Sydney ($) 2820 3270 5420
Perth ($) 2500 2760 4580
1.5kW 2kW 5kW

How to Install Home Solar Panel Systems?

Once you have purchased your solar panel system an engineer will visit your home and assess the space and decide how they are going to put them in place. The next phase is to fill out all the necessary paperwork required for getting the solar panels on the roof. It is then time to order the equipment necessary for the job. Finally, the solar installer will visit and set them up for you.

And that is the complete guide on getting to know solar panel systems. You can find plenty of fantastic solar quotes here on our website today as we give you the opportunity to compare a wide range of different solar energy companies Australia. Make sure to also check out our other articles detailing the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy to see if this will be a good investment for you. Invest in renewable, green energy today and compare solar panel deals to get the most for your money!

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