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Ausgreen Solar was created by professionals, with the proven technological knowhow, to form a company that offers technical and practical expertise to deliver sustainable energy soutions to everyone.

Ausgreen Solar offers a variety of products ranging from solar panels, solar inverters and hybrid storage from different well-known brands to tailor their services to your needs.

How do I contact Ausgreen Solar & Consulting Services?

Ausgreen Solar & Consulting Services’s current channels are the following;

Ausgreen SolarReviews

A few disgruntled clients mentioned that they were bothered by Ausgreen’s constant calling by telemarketers. They also had trouble contacting the company to ask for help with fixing their broken equipment.

How to complain to Ausgreen Solar & Consulting Services

You may do any of the following;

What are the best choices?

Ausgreen Solar offers a wide set of products for your renewable energy needs. For residential use, you should stick with their recommended solar panels. The top product that comes up for panels are the LG Mono X panels, for solar inverters, its SMA Solar Inverters, and for hybrid storage, its LG Chem Hybrid Converter.

Which Ausgreen Solar products are the most popular?

Ausgreen Solar & Consulting Services offers residential packages, corporate packages and the individual products. What would be most popular though are the residential packages. They offer a number of packages ranging from 2kw to 10 kw but you could also contact them if you want to be particular with your equipment.

Ausgreen SolarProblems and Issues

One of the few common problems for most solar panels is proper placement of the equipment. Some installers aren’t able to take into account all of the factors such as house problems and leaks, and the weather and climate of the area. Make sure to notify them before installing to optimize your energy production output.

How long do Ausgreen Solarmodules last?

Ausgreen Solarassure you that their panels will work for at least 25 years offer a 10-year warranty with them.

How much do Ausgreen Solarmodules cost?

Ausgreen Solar has no published rates but you may contact them to receive a quote based on the specifications you need.

How do I order from Ausgreen Solar & Consulting Services?

They currently do not offer any payment options on their website. You may contact their sales channels (E-mail:, Tel: +61 1800 338 809) to get a more accurate quote for your household needs. You may also want to visit their website at or visit their office in Suite 2, level 3, 1C Grand Avenue, Rosehill, NSW-2142.

Why go with Ausgreen Solar & Consulting Services?

Ausgreen Solar aims to make sure that your solar systems are installed perfectly. Working with them means working with experienced and certified technicians. They also offer financial options that the Australian government will partially subsidized if approved.

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Suite 2, level 3, 1C Grand Avenue, Rosehill, NSW-2142

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