Energy Aware

Energy Aware was founded in 2009 and has since transformed from a supplier of residential solar and battery fittings to an industry leader in solar installations, delivering industrial and commercial projects to thousands of customers.

They take pride in their ability to continuously deliver the perfect energy solution that clients demand. The recommendations that they make are based on years of experience and their deep understanding of renewable energy.

Their company is made up of a highly-innovative group of individuals, driven by environmental and economic opportunities related to the development of clean and renewable energy.

How Can I Contact Energy Aware?

You can reach Energy Aware through 1300 658 411 or you could email them at Alternatively, you can visit their head office at:

Energy Aware

214 Balaclava Road,

Caufield North



How can I complain about Energy Aware?

If you have concerns, comments, or suggestions, you can utilise the contact information given to reach Energy Aware available on the company website at

What are the available payment and finance options?

Energy Aware offers several finance solutions to businesses that would want to employ solar power. This is because they understand that funding allocation for capital expenditures can be challenging.

  • Lease Option. One can lease the solar power system from a finance company, paying monthly rates. At the end of the term, the options are to purchase the system, to continue leasing or end the lease;
  • Finance To Own. Known as Chattel Mortgage, one has to pay monthly rates. At the end of the term, the title of the solar power system will be transferred to you automatically
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The solar power system will be installed for free in exchange for the payment of the energy the system generates at a lesser price. Typically 7-20 years, the PPA provider will take care of the warranties and maintenance.

Which manufacturers are they working with?

Energy Aware works with industry leaders and solar panel experts like Trina Solar, JA Solar, Q Cells, Canadian Solar, REC Solar, Yingli Green Energy, Suntech, Sunpower, Jinko Solar, and LG. All of them together with Energy Aware works hand-in-hand in delivering cutting-edge technology to households and businesses.

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Energy Aware 214 Balaclava Road, Caufield North Victoria 3161

1300 658 411