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Established in 2008, Euro Solar has been at the forefront of taking a stand in keeping our planet clean and green. While keeping in mind that they want to take care of the next generation, they offer innovative solutions for sustainable energy by providing exceptional services and using only the highest quality materials.

Euro Solar offers multiple products ranging from solar panels, inverters and batteries in addition to services such as installation, maintenance, repair and cleaning.

How do I contact Euro Solar?

Euro Solar’s current channels are the following;

Euro Solar Reviews

Euro Solar has received multiple reviews from satisfied customers. They mentioned that they delivered on their promises and that they are happy with the energy yields.

How to complain to Euro Solar

You may do any of the following;

What are the best choices?

Euro Solar’s best choice would depend on your needs. They offer a wide range of products to make sure you can have a fully automated solar powered system. But their best choice would have to be their system packages. It saves you the trouble of deciding which equipment you need and offers you a whole system that will be tailored to your energy needs.

Which Euro Solar products are the most popular?

Euro Solar most popular product for households would be the system packages. Inclusive of panels, inverters and a monitoring system. Euro Solar’s system packages range from 2kW to 10kW. If you would need more energy for your household, you may send a message and get a formal quote.

Euro Solar Problems and Issues

One common problem for almost all solar panels is proper cleaning and dust accumulation on your panels. Dust can actually dramatically reduce your solar panels’ energy production efficiency. To solve this, you may want to clean regularly. Euro Solar also offers panel cleaning and maintenance services to make sure your systems are running smoothly.

How long do Euro Solar modules last?

Euro Solar guarantees their modules to work perfectly for at least 25-30 years. They also offer a 10 to 12-year product warranty for their products.

How much do Euro Solar modules cost?

Euro Solar has no published rates but you may contact them to receive a quote based on the specifications you need.

How do I order from Euro Solar?

Their website currently does not offer any payment options, but you may contact via their sales channels (E-mail: Tel: +61 1300 387 676) to get a more accurate quote for your household needs. You may also want to visit their website at or visit their office in 29 Bellrick St, Unit 4, Acacia Ridge, Queensland, 4110, Australia.

Why go with Euro Solar?

Working with Euro Solar means that you’ll be receiving not only a more sustainable solution to your energy problems but also punctual, polite, professional and efficient service from the engineers and sales team in Euro Solar.

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