Green Power Saver Australia Pty Ltd

Green Power Saver Australia Pty. Ltd. is a company that focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by addressing energy solutions since electricity generation is one of the main sources of these gas emissions. They offer energy efficient products such as CFL and LED lights as alternatives to halogens and traditional incandescent lights. They also offer new renewable energy technology by way of solar power systems and energy storage systems. Their most ambitious service to date, was in collaboration with the government in Victoria, Australia and their offer to exchange halogen light bulbs with LEDs for free.

What light bulbs do Green Power Saver Australia Pty Ltd. work with?

Their only have one brand listed online, Emerald Planet, of which they have different kinds of lighting solutions. They offer downlights, spotlights, shop lights, LED bulbs, LED troffers, LED panels, LED tubes and CFL bulbs. Some of these lighting solutions are not on hand and have to be pre-ordered by messaging them on their website.

What solar panels do Green Power Saver Australia Pty. Ltd. work with?

They work with one brand ReneSola and offer four different models: ReneSola Virtus II Solar Module, Replus 3000TL2-4000TL2-5000TL2, Micro Replus System, and Replus Hybrid 4.6 kW.

How do I contact Green Power Saver Australia Pty. Ltd.?

Phone: 1300 131 727/ 0478 557 698/ 0435 256 868/ 0435 992 266



Address: 78,Blackburn Rd.,Glen Waverley,Melbourne,VIC-3151

How do I complain to Green Power Saver Australia Pty. Ltd?

They have not listed any clear way to contact them about concerns. Complaints may be directed to their website page: or by messaging them on their facebook page by way of a private message or in a review at . Or perhaps through a call on their main phone line: 1300 131 727.

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78, Blackburn Rd., Glen Waverley, Melbourne, VIC-3151

1300 131 727 / 0478 557 698 / 0435 256 868 / 0435 992 266