Nexus Solar

Nexus stands for “connected” in view of the fact that they are working with some of the leading solar energy providers to guarantee comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective solutions to provide the right solar energy systems for each client.

Nexus Solar focuses on customer satisfaction. With their independent solar service guarantee, they help deliver cost effective energy solutions to families and business owners reduce their high electric bills and get back on track.

How can I complain to Nexus Solar?

If you feel dissatisfied with their products or services, you can complain through the website providing the contact information provided. This can also be used to improve the connection between Nexus Solar and their customers.

Which manufacturers are they working with?

Nexus Solar is working with some of the leading manufacturers in the solar industry. Some of the manufacturers they work with are Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar Sun Grow, Solax Power, LG Q Cells and Solis Inverter.

Nexus Solar feedback and reviews

Nexus Solar focuses more on customer satisfaction and their ability to provide premium quality products and services. A lot of their clients are more than satisfied with what they offer. To sum it all up, they were happy and satisfied not just with the installation, but with their installation aftercare as well.

What are the available payment or finance options?

Nexus Solar help families in receipt of high electric bills to reduce their energy spend. Although there are no finance options available on their website, you can contact them at +61 04 0075 0220 to find out more about any payment plans and discounts that are on offer.

How do I contact Nexus Solar?

Nexus Solar would love to hear about their customers’ proposed projects. You can reach them through +61 04 0075 0220. Alternatively, you can reach them via their Facebook page at or email them or visit their office at:

Nexus Solar Pty Ltd
P.O Box 599
Albany Creek,

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Nexus Solar Pty Ltd P.O Box 599 Albany Creek, Queensland, 4035