NuWay Solar

NuWay offers a more sustainable lifestyle with their solar power systems, customisable to your exact specifications. They prioritise customer preference and requirements as they proactively seek out the best clean energy solutions for your home. They are well known for their hands-on experience with customers, ensuring that all are satisfied with their solar systems. NuWay Solar not only installs solar technology, but also give sound advice to their customers to help them maximise savings. No other solar company comes close to NuWay Solar’s ability to meet the expectations of their customers. Achieving customer satisfaction is what they do best.

What payments options do NuWay Solar offer?

NuWay Solar offers you Green Solar Loan which allows you:

  • Flexible payment options – fortnightly or monthly, transferable and extendable
  • Flexible loan terms – 3 to 10 years
  • Additional repayments and early loan repayment allowed
  • Suitable for systems from $3,000 to $25,000
  • Quick applications and approval turnaround

What Solar Panel Manufacturers do NuWay Solar work with?

Risen Energy, Sungrow, SMA and Narada are the brands they work with.

How do I contact NuWay Solar?

Mailing Address: PO Box 327, Morayfield, Queensland 4510

Phone: (07) 5428 1288

Mobile: 0408 655 293



NuWay Solar Reviews

People really like their impeccable worksmanship. A lot of their customers say that they do the job fast and even clean up after, leaving homes neat and tidy. A good part of the reviews talked about the cost-effectivity of their recently installed solar panels. They rave about the elimination of a large part of their overhead expenses and how satisified they are with the solar panels that NuWay Solar provides.

They also say that they prefer the service provided by NuWay Solar because they can expect professionalism and reliability.

Complaints – how to complain to NuWay Solar

Just send your feedback via phone or email.

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PO Box 327, Morayfield, Queensland 4510

(07) 5428 1288 / 0408 655 293