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SAE Group is a proud Australian company that wants to answer any and all of your electrical related woes. With a team of seasoned and proven professionals, they offer and install only the best products.

SAE Group offers a variety of services and products such as solar systems installation and maintenance, solar hot water installation and maintenance, split and multi systems air conditioning installation and maintenance, general electrical services and energy efficiency check ups.

How do I contact SAE Group?

SAE Group’ current channels are the following;

SAE Group Reviews

A number of SAE’s customers applauded SAE’s professionalism and ability to answer all of their questions. Aside from the products exceeding expectations, they were also happy with how polite the technicians were during installation

How to complain to SAE Group

You may do any of the following;

What are the best choices?

SAE Group offers a wide selection of packages to cater to your specific needs but for residential customers, you can go for the “Grid Connect Solar Power” package. They offer a variety of brands for panels and inverters but they will definitely tailor it to your household needs.

Which SAE Group products are the most popular?

SAE Group’s most popular products for the solar section would be their Seraphim panels and SMA inverters. Both are two very well known companies that will not only maximize your yields but also their products will last you 25 years or more.

SAE Group Problems and Issues

One of the few common problems for most solar panels is proper cleaning and dust accumulation on the panels. Dust can actually dramatically reduce your solar panels’ energy production efficiency. You may want to talk to your installers about how to clean or if they do a cleaning service for the system.

How long do SAE Group modules last?

SAE Group guarantee that their panels will work for at least 25 years and are linked to a 10-year warranty period.

How much do SAE Group modules cost?

SAE Group has no published rates but you may contact them to receive a quote based on the specifications you need.

How do I order from SAE Group?

You can go to the “Pay” section of their website and use either Visa or MasterCard. But in order to place an order, you would have to get a customer reference number which you can get by calling them for a quote. You may contact their sales channels (E-mail:, Tel: +61 1300 182 050) to get a more accurate quote for your household needs. You may also want to visit their website at or visit their offices in either Tweed, Brisbane, or Gold Coast.

Why go with SAE Group?

Working with SAE Group means that you won’t just be getting a solar energy system installed. You will also have the option to completely optimise your energy production and consumption so you maximize your cost savings.

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