Solaire Connect

Solaire Connect is experienced in installing air conditioning and solar power technology for both residential and commercial customers. Their expert team knows the specifications of every top solar product on the market today, giving you the variety of options you need to choose the perfect fit for you. They are also trained to install hot water systems and servicing so that you can harness the free heat available in the air and convert it to usable energy. They are committed to the highest standard as they assist you in the acquisition of top-grade technology with high-caliber materials and design.

What payments options do Solaire Connect offer?

Through their partnership with ASM Money, Solaire Connect offers various financial options such as Financial Leasing, Solar Rental and Chattel Mortgage.

What Solar panel, hot water system and air conditioner manufacturers do Solaire Connect work with?

Solar Panel: REC Solar, Fronius, Jinko Solar, GCL

Hot Water System: Chromagen

Air Conditioning: Fujitsu, Advantage Air, Daikin, Actron Air and LG.

How do I contact Solaire Connect?

Phone: (08) 9300 9324




Address: Unit 3/101 Winton Road Joondalup WA

Solaire Connect Reviews

The Watkins family who installed a 7kW system for their apartment complex have a high rating for Solaire Connect due to their all too apparent competency in installing their solar system. They relied heavily on Solaire Connect to get a world standard solar package at an affordable rate. The Watkins family commented that the engineers were friendly, efficient and were able to explain in easy language how the system worked and what the family could expect from their new solar installation.

In addition they were always keen to help deal with any concerns and issues that they had. The majority of their customers gave good ratings to give credence to the skilled staff of Solaire Connect. To top it all off, They excelled in providing quality customer care from beginning to end.

Complaints – how to complain to Solaire Connect

Reach out to them via phone or email.

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Unit 3/101 Winton Road Joondalup WA

(08) 9300 9324