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Established in 2009, M C Solar & Electrical has, since that time, established itself as Brisbane’s leading player in the renewable energy industry. Together with a lean team of engineers, MC has been delivering quality service with state-of-the-art equipment to multiple households and companies all over Australia.

M C Solar & Electrical markets a number of products and brands to better suit your needs. They offer services and packages tailored to both households and for commercial use.

How do I contact M C Solar & Electrical?

M C Solar & Electrical’s current channels are the following;

M C Solar & Electrical Reviews

Multiple families are extremely happy that they decided to partner up with MC. They mention that their equipment doesn’t just do its job, but the people they work with are friendly and really are passionate about what they do.

How to complain to M C Solar & Electrical

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What are the best choices?

M C Solar & Electrical’s offer everything you would need to make your house go green but their best choices would be their system packages. It saves you the trouble of deciding which equipment you need and offers you a whole system that will be tailored to your energy needs. They offer systems from brands such as SunGrow, Q.Cells, Canadian Solar, Fronius, Solar Edge, and Tesla.

Which M C Solar & Electrical products are the most popular?

M C Solar & Electrical’s most popular package would be the 6.6kW Fronius system package. The system package contains the Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter and 22 MONO 300W Q-Cell Solar Panels. This doesn’t mean that it is the product you should go for though. We suggest going through your past electricity bills to understand what your needs are. MC would be able to offer a more optimized system tailored to your needs.

M C Solar & Electrical Problems and Issues

One common problem for almost all solar panels is dust. The efficiency of almost all systems can reduce drastically because of dust accumulation. Make sure to ask your installer about optimizing the installation location and take into account the weather and any problems with the structure where the system is to be installed.

How long do M C Solar & Electrical modules last?

M C Solar & Electrical doesn’t mention how long their installations will last but they guarantee that it will perform at its peak for at least 25 years. They also offer a 25-year warranty on all their products.

How much do M C Solar & Electrical modules cost?

MC offers multiple system packages using equipment from different companies to give you the option to decide which will best suit you. The pricing for the packages range from AU$ 4,990 (US$ 3,720) to AU$ 24,250 (US$ 18,220). MC also offers monthly payment plans.

How do I order from M C Solar & Electrical?

Their website shows rough estimates for the different packages but currently does not offer any payment options. You may contact their sales channels (E-mail: solar@mcelectrical.com.au, Tel: +61 07 3268 3836) to get a more accurate quote for your household needs. You may also want to visit their website at http://mcelectrical.com.au/ or visit their office in 1/29 Links Ave North, Eagle Farm, Brisbane, Qld, 4007, Australia.

Why go with M C Solar & Electrical?

MC knows that almost all companies have nearly the same quality of solar panels. They believe that what sets them apart is the knowledge in how to install, especially in Australia. As soon as you have the right panels and inverters, you just need the right components to hold everything together, and the right customer care to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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