Solar Harness

With over a decade of experience, Solar Harness has been providing innovative solutions to people all over the Western region of Australia with top quality solar equipment. With a group of accredited professionals and a range of premium products, they have installed over 15,000 systems all over Western Australia.

How do I contact Solar Harness?

Solar Harness’s current channels are the following;

Solar Harness Reviews

Many of Solar Harness’s customers were very happy with their service and even referred to them by their first names. The staff was friendly and courteous and the equipment worked as it should.

How to complain to Solar Harness

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What are the best choices?

Solar Harness offers packages for residential and commercial use and individual systems for solar hot water, battery solar and stand alone solar. The best option though would be the residential packages. They include free consultation for quotes to see what kind of products you’ll need for your home.

Which Solar Harness products are the most popular?

There aren’t any specified products or prices for their packages, but most users go for their tailored residential package.

Solar Harness Problems and Issues

One of the few common problems for most solar panels is proper cleaning of the system. When your system is dirty, it can drastically reduce the efficiency of your panels. Make sure to talk to your installer about proper cleaning and if they have cleaning services.

How long do Solar Harness modules last?

Solar Harness guarantees that their panels will work for at least 25 years and are linked to a 10 to 12-year product warranty period depending on the brand panels installed.

How much do Solar Harness modules cost?

Solar has no published rates but you may contact them to receive a quote based on the specifications you need but they do offer zero interest payment plans.

How do I order from Solar Harness?

You may contact their sales channels (Tel: +61 1300 881 440) to get a more accurate quote for your household needs. You may also want to visit their website at and head over to the “Get A Quote” section, or visit their office in 3-381 Unit 2/5 Sequoia Pl, Bibra Lake, Western Australia-6163 road. Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Why go with Solar Harness?

Working with Solar Harness means that you’ll be working with passionate and seasoned professionals with a proven track record. You’ll be getting first class service with top quality products.

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Unit 2/5 Sequoia Pl, Bibra Lake, Western Australia-6163

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