Sparktec Pty Ltd

Driven by their need to serve, Sparktec has been part of the clean energy movement to help reduce Australia’s carbon footprint. They offer a range of services such as solar system installation and monitoring, air conditioning inspection, replacement and repair, electrical lighting installation and repair, amongst others. Sparktec meticulously check and determine the best solar system fit for your home as well as giving you more flexibility. Sparktec engineers are all accredited solar installers and are professionally trained for installations off the grid, roof top, ground mount or free-standing solar systems. Their specialised customer care is what sets them apart from other solar companies.

What can you expect from Sparktec Pty Ltd’s services?


  • Roof inspection to determine panel location
  • Shade, orientation, meter box suitability and other factors impacting on system performance and installation
  • Analysis of your electricity bill and advice on the most appropriate-sized solar system and other measures for electricity savings
  • Explanation of how solar works including rebates, feed-in rates and how to get the best benefits from your solar system
  • Estimated breakdown of savings and rate of return
  • Types of panels and inverters available, the differences between them in regards to price, functionality and performance
  • Discuss your requirements such as budget, timeframe and system expectations
  • Provide a quote.

Air conditioning:

  • Check all filters, clean or quote the cost of replacement (to ensure maximum air flow)
  • Clean condensing or outdoor unit coils (to ensure maximum air flow)
  • Visually inspect all moving parts and make adjustments as required
  • Check the operational status of any variable speed fan controllers
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Visually check all electrical connections
  • Inspect evaporator drains to ensure they drain away as required


  • Power point installation and repair
  • Garden and sensor lighting
  • Bathroom light/fan/heat
  • Exhaust fan installation and repair
  • Pool wiring
  • Safety switches
  • Off peak energy use
  • Mains cabling upgrades
  • House wiring and rewiring
  • Lighting design and installation for interior and exterior
  • Smoke detector installation and repair
  • Antenna, TV, phone and data point installation
  • Security and intercom systems
  • Switchboard wiring and upgrades
  • Ceiling fan installation and repair
  • Full electrical renovation services
  • Power point installation and repair
  • LED lighting

What Solar Panel Manufacturers do Sparktec Pty Ltd work with?

Sparktec is known for only distributing well-known Chinese and European brands. Additionally, they supply top brands like Fujitsu, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Daikin for air conditioning units. They also work with ABB (Aurora) Inverter, SMA Inverter, and LG Panels.

How do I contact Sparktec Pty Ltd?

Phone: 07 3180 0919

Fax: 07 3503 9332


Address: PO Box 479, Red Hill Queensland 4059

Sparktec Pty Ltd Review

Customers are satisfied with their great customer care and superb worksmanship.

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PO Box 479, Red Hill Queensland 4059

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