Sunpower Solar and Electrical

Since 1985, Sunpower Solar and Electrical has been giving home and business owners the peace of mind that their solar products are stable and long-term.

How do I contact Sunpower Solar and Electrical?

If you’re looking for a prompt response, you can reach them through their toll-free number at 1 – 800 – 786 – 769. Alternatively, you can visit their contact information on their website at

Where can I complain about Sunpower Solar and Electrical?

Since they have been aware of recent spam and unknown calls, you can go to or you can contact them at 1 – 300 – 792 –958.

What are the steps involved in Sunpower’s installation?

The process is quick, easy and inexpensive. To sum it all up, it includes consultation, proposal and economic analysis, and of course the installation. You can visit and view this through

What are their payment and finance options?

On their website there is no mention of specific payment or finance options. However, if you’re looking for prices, you can contact them through their toll-free number and get a response right away. With their full-on customer support, you can be sure that whatever your questions are they’ll be attended to in no time.

Would I recommend Sunpower Solar and Electrical?

Sunpower Solar and Electrical is definitely recommendable to those who are looking for cutting-edge technology for solar energies. Not only do they provide advanced innovation, they also have friendly yet professional team of engineers, and fitters. You will feel welcomed the time of inquiry to the completed installation. They make it to a point that all clients feel that they’re prioritised and that each customer is dealt with courtesy and professionalism.

With the reputation they’ve built, it’s kind of easy to see that they’re living up to their promises and ideals. More and more clients are looking in to solar and electrical aid and that’s why Sunpower Solar and Electrical continues to spread their quality work.

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