Tiger Solar

Tiger Solar’s services are customised to each and every client’s usage and lifestyle. Once determined, they then assess and evaluate the site and propose a practical and cost-effective solution. One of the best things about Tiger Solar is their sense of urgency; they look forward to completing projects as soon and as well as they can. The common products that Tiger Solar offer are Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Solar Whiz.

Which manufacturers are they working with?

Together with Canadian Solar, Power-One, Solax Power, Fronius, Goodwe, Jinko Solar and Growatt, they strive to deliver high standards of product and workmanship on each project undertaken.

What are the available finance and payment options?

Tiger Solar offers a $0 up-front including installation and design of your custom system. This comes with flexible terms of up to 10 years and a “low document” application available. To know more about what is available, visit https://www.tigersolar.com.au/finance-options/.

How do I contact Tiger Solar?

Tiger Solar is committed to resolving any issues to customer satisfaction by providing them with as much-needed information as is required to help you with your queries. They can be reached through their phone at +61 0448 442 231. Alternatively, you can send them an email at john@tigersolar.com.au.

How can I complain about Tiger Solar?

Any concerns or comments about their services or products? You can utilise the contact information provided if you have any suggestions to them and they’re open to customer feedback and suggestions.

Customer feedback

Tiger Solar takes pride in the reviews and comments that their clients leave them. It can be seen on their website at https://www.tigersolar.com.au/testimonials/. To sum what their customers have to say, they are more than satisfied with the friendly but professional approach that Tiger Solar provides. Not only were they prompt and ready-to-help, it was also clear that they were experts in what they were doing.

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