​Hanwha Q Cells

Hanwha Q Cells Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and in Thalheim, Germany. Founded in 1999, every milestone the company takes is recognized by the whole industry of solar manufacturing and of course the whole world.

With their cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology, they see to it that they provide excellent products and customer service to their worldwide clientele. They are an affiliate company of the Hanwha Group, their goal is to shape a whole new era of technology.

How can I contact Hanwha Q Cells?

You can contact Hanwha Q Cells by visiting their websites or prime locations at:

Hanwha Q Cells Corporation

Global Headquarters

Hanwha Q Cells Corporation 86, Cheonggyecheon-ro-Jung-gu,

Seoul, South Korea,


+82 (0)2 729 2512 (Module Sales)

+ 82 (0) 2 729 2086

Alternatively, you can contact them by visiting their website at https://www.hanwha-qcells.com.

What are the most popular products of Hanwha Q Cells?

Known for their continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology, Hanwha’s cells and modules top the list of their products. With over 400 scientists and engineers working to continuously improve their range of products, we can have a peace of mind that what we’re dealing with here is revolutionary.

What differentiates Hanwha Q Cells to other photovoltaic manufacturers?

Other than the fact that over 1, 300 employees research, develop, and exhibit cells and modules to perfection, they offer advanced techniques and mechanisms and inculcate it to their products. One of the key benefits of being with Hanwha Q Cells is their Q.ANTUM DUO Technology which combines cutting-edge improvements in cell separation technology. Moreover, the brand promises a guaranteed 85% in performance and warranty after 25 years.

Are there other offices, facilities, or headquarters around the globe?

Hanwha Q Cells is known worldwide. Their offices are carefully placed and studied to provide maximum service and efficiency to myriad customers and clients around the globe. If you want to know the location of offices near to you, visit their location map at https://hanwha-qcells.com/qcells-office/about/location.

Would I consider recommending Hanwha Q Cells to households and investors?

The company promises to execute excellence in the field of solar power and energy. Since the company’s inauguration, they haven’t stopped hitting goals and world-recognizable records in fulfilling services to clients all over the globe. They care most about their customers and they swear to strive to apply state-of-the-art revolutionary technology to change the face of science and technology. The area is also recognized to be the top Global Cell Capacity manufacturer in the entire world.

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Hanwha Q CELLS Australia Pty. Ltd, Unit 1402, 20 Berry Street North Sydney, NSW 2060 Australia

+ 82 (0) 2 729 2086