As one of the brand leaders in the renewable energy industry, SolarWorld currently has two separate manufacturing locations within Germany, with sales offices in Germany, Singapore, and South Africa. They continuously innovate their products and look for the best way to provide the world with sustainable energy.

SolarWorld offers two distinct solar panels to their consumers; Sunmodule Plus, which is more suited for a house, and Sunmodule Bisun Protect, which is optimum for larger scale needs.

How do I contact SolarWorld?

SolarWorld’s current channels are the following;

SolarWorld Reviews

SolarWorld has received multiple reviews from extremely satisfied customers all the way from 2011 until present. All were happy with everything from the installation until performance two years in. Some customers also saw that within six years, you would get your return on investment for the panels.

How to complain to SolarWorld

You may do any of the following;

What are the best choices?

SolarWorld’s best choice would depend on your needs. For a household installation, the Solarworld Plus SW 290/300 line would be recommended. It’s light, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing, so you don’t really need to worry about your house looking like a robot. For larger installations, you should go for the SW 280 Bisun. It’s a bit more heavy duty but its energy gathering efficiency is unmatched.

Which SolarWorld products are the most popular?

SolarWorld’s most popular product for households would be SolarWorld Plus SW 290/300 mono solar panels. Its high performance doesn’t hinder it from being lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.

SolarWorld Problems and Issues

One common problem for almost all solar panels is proper cleaning and dust accumulation on your panels. Dust can actually dramatically reduce your solar panels’ energy production efficiency. To solve this, you may want to clean regularly.

How long do SolarWorld modules last?

SolarWorld guarantees their modules to work perfectly for at least 25 years for the Sunmodule Plus and 30 years for the Sunmodule Bisun Protect. They also offer a 20-year product warranty for their products.

How much do SolarWorld modules cost?

SolarWorld has no published rates but you may contact them to receive a quote based on the specifications you need.

How do I order from SolarWorld?

Their website currently does not offer any payment options, but you may contact their sales channels (E-mail:, Tel: +49 228 55920 0) to get a more accurate quote for your household needs. You may also want to visit their website at or visit their office in Martin Luther King St. 24, 53175 Bonn, Germany.

Why go with SolarWorld?

Working with SolarWorld means that you’ll be in the hands of a company with a proven track record. They ensure top quality materials and offer a 20-year product warranty; you just can’t go wrong with that .

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