Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar perfectly understands the needs of modern consumers. They pride themselves in providing top quality products as well as providing excellent customer care. All their products guarantee long-lasting usage and value for money performance. They have been reducing carbon emissions whilst providing a cleaner and healthier alternative for you and your family. Tindo Solar allots research and development time to carefully construct solar panels and study ways in which to improve them so they are able to function more efficiently.

Tindo Solar is always on trend with the latest technology and undergoes rigorous research and testing to look for ways to enhance the performance of solar technology. In Tindo Solar’s commitment to help make our environment more sustainable and habitable, they consistently renew their system design because they believe in providing their customers with top quality solar technology. Going solar has never been this easy. With Tindo Solar, you can be secure in knowing that you will only get the finest solar panels available for your home.

How do I contact Tindo Solar?

Address: 5 / 6-8 Second Avenue, Mawson Lakes SA 5095 Australia

Phone: 1300 846 367

Email: info@tindosolar.com.ausales@tindosolar.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tindosolar/

Tindo Solar Reviews

Solar panels made by Tindo Solar are being widely used by numerous customers across the globe. It is the preferred choice by many because of the exemplary service they provide to their customers. According to reviews posted, Tindo Solar also provides outstanding backup support. They say that included in the installation process is a solar analytics module which allows both online monitoring of panel performance and real-time power consumption on multiple circuits. There is also a guide to solar panel systems so consumers can narrow down on what is right for them.

More than a few reviewers also mentioned promptness in carrying out the work and responding to customers’ queries and concerns. Additionally, delivering on their promises endeared them to many customers.

Their solar panels gained significant attention due to sterling performance, made possible by the panels are manufactured with only superior materials. They attest to the fact that these solar panels greatly reduced their electricity costs and would appear to be probably the best solar panels on the market.

Complaints – how to complain to Tindo Solar

You may direct your complaints to Tindo Solar via phone or email at the following email addresses:

Tindo Solar’s solar panels – what are the best choices?

Tindo Solar 3kW, Tindo Solar 4kW and Tindo Solar 5kW

Which Tindo Solar’s solar panel is the most popular?

The most popular is Tindo Solar 5kW

How long do Tindo Solar’s solar panels last?

Their solar panels will last you over 25 years.

How much does Tindo Solar’s solar panel installation cost?

Cost may run from $3,000 to $15,000.

Who are their accredited sellers and distributors of Tindo Solar?

In Australia, distributors include Going SolarGreenforce SolarLumenaus Solar & Battery SystemsSave Energy Aus and Solar Power Nation

Tindo Solar Problems and Issues

Dirt and Smog will be your greatest enemy especially when you live in an urban area. Make sure that you regularly clean your solar panels properly so that you can maximize the benefits of your solar panels.

Why choose Tindo Solar?

Tindo Solar perfectly designs and crafts each solar panel making sure that each of their products meet their high standards. In this way, you will get quality assurance and maximum performance out of your solar panels.

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5 / 6-8 Second Avenue, Mawson Lakes SA 5095 Australia

1300 846 367

info@tindosolar.com.au / sales@tindosolar.com