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Solar Inverters

How to Choose a Solar Inverter

The solar panel inverter is one crucial piece of equipment that you need when you are setting up a solar panel system for your home. Along with the solar panels themselves, you need a solar inverter for carrying out a key task – converting the DC electricity that the panels produce to AC. You need AC for powering your household appliances. But how do you choose between inverters? Check out this quick buyers guide to solar inverters.

You Need to Choose Quality

Picking inverters is like choosing between any type of electronic equipment – not all items are constructed the same, or work the same, so there are comparisons you need to make in order to get the best deal, and the best equipment for your home. You have a lot of choice, for example the sunny boy inverter or the SolarEdge inverters are popular options. You can get a good idea of the quality of a certain make of inverter by doing some simple research. Look online in forums and for reviews of inverters. If you find a lot of negative feedback, it is probably best to look elsewhere for your inverter. If there is no feedback then it is probably because the unit is new and has not been fully utilized in the market.

Pick an Inverter for your Roof

If you have chosen your panels you will have a good idea of how much current you will generate so you need to choose your inverter based on this factor. The solar pv inverter must be powerful enough to handle your energy needs. If you have doubts, ask your installer to recommend the optimal size of inverter for your home.

Check the Warranty and the Reputation

Look at the warranty that comes with the inverter and see that you can use it in the event that the equipment is faulty or breaks down. Check to see how long the warranty lasts. In addition to checking the warranty, you should also look at how much experience the makers of the inverter have with solar power in Australia. Also look for a commercial presence in Australia so that if you do have a problem you can easily get hold of a customer service rep and won’t have to wait until someone wakes up on the other side of the world.

Whatever inverter you choose, it helps to have done your homework before you buy. You can check out different makes and models online, and use a solar comparison search to give you a better idea of what is out there, and which models meet your needs.

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