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Should You Buy or Lease Solar Panels in Albury-Wodonga?

Albury and Wodonga are the twin cities in New South Wales and Victoria that are separated by the Murray River. While the winter season can be really cold, the summertime and the rest of the year can have ample sunlight. If you’re considering getting solar panels, it would be a good decision as you’ll be able to generate renewable energy with the amount of sunlight received in the area. Even in the bad weather, these panels would still continue generating energy, although of course, you’ll be able to generate more during good weather. The solar system is often installed in the roof of the home, but there are also other mounting options, including ground tracks, pole mounting and parking sheds.

Solar Installer Australia

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With the cost of electricity, which is expected to continuously rise, investing on solar panels is an ideal solution for those who are looking for ways on how to save on energy in the long run. These panels have also lowered in cost. Plus, you may get rebate from the federal government for the installation if you are eligible. Aside from purchasing solar panels out of the pocket, another option is to go for solar panel leasing.

Pros and Cons of Solar Panel Buying and Leasing

The cost of solar panel installation depends on the size of panels that you purchase. Requesting for solar quotes would give you precise information on the current cost of installation. Comparing solar quotes in Albury-Wodonga, New South Wales-Victoria is always a good idea and something that is recommended for everyone considering installing solar panels. This would let you weigh your options and go for the best choice. Buying solar panels may require you to produce the money for the installation out of the pocket, but once this is done, the panels would all be yours. As mentioned, if you’re eligible, you may even get rebates that would lower the installation cost. Aside from saving on your energy cost by using the renewable energy generated, you will also be paid by your energy retailer for feeding the grid with your excess energy. The drawback is that you need to pay for it on your own. Moreover, solar panel price is continuously going down so the amount that you pay for the installation may be too far from the cost the following year.

Another option for having solar panels installed in your home is through leasing. There are installers who offer the installation for free or for a minimal cost. This is good if you wish to use solar system and save on your energy bill without spending anything or only spending minimal cost. Since this would still be the property of the installers, they will get the rebate, as well as the fee for the feed in tariff or the energy transferred to the grid. However, this is still a good thing as you would be able to enjoy the savings that you will get by using renewable energy. This is also a good option if you don’t see yourself living in your current home for a long time.

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