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Solar Power Capital of Australia: Dubbo, New South Wales

Due to increasing demand of solar power systems over the past years, a lot of companies have emerged in the market competition that rendered the technology to be a lot cheaper than before. Solar power as an alternative source of energy has already been established as a wise choice of investment for home and business owners nowadays. Aside from being more environmentally sustainable as compared to traditional electric power sources, this innovation is likely to save home and business owners a lot of money because it can either exempt them from paying their electricity bills or at least it can slash its cost. Since the price of electricity has significantly increased over the past years, it’s high time for you to consider making the switch to solar power as well.

Why is it the solar power capital?

Solar Installer Australia

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Dubbo, as part of the Central West New South Wales is one region of Australia that receives a highly abundant amount of sunlight. Thousands of homes and hundreds of businesses have already taken advantage of this natural gift. Thus, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) awarded the city with the highest per capita average of houses with solar panels in Australia. This started with installations from smaller systems with 1.5 kilowatts capacity for residences becoming centered to larger systems such as businesses which range from 3 to 5 kilowatts.

Why go solar in Dubbo?

The Australian government advocates the use of solar energy. Thus they have implemented a couple of programs to make this investment more appealing and Dubbo is of no exception. Installing a solar power system in Dubbo makes you eligible for solar incentives such as the government solar credit rebate scheme. This program requires power providers to give you a government mandated discount in every kilowatt capacity of the solar panel you will install in your home. You can literally save thousands in your installation. Another program of the government is the solar feed-in tariff scheme. This applies to those who connected their solar power system to the national electricity grid. In Dubbo, you will be paid for every kilowatt of energy that is in excess in your home and that goes to the national grid.

Choosing the best deal possible

There are many companies around Dubbo offering solar power system products and services. Solar power system prices are your number one consideration when looking for a solar power system provider in Dubbo. Price ranges are based on the amount of kilowatts a certain solar system can produce in optimal conditions where the sun shines the strongest. You can directly contact companies but the risk is that they might over-quote you.

If you are quoted much less than the price ranges by solar system providers, there is a great chance that you are getting something of lower quality. Be wary of these companies. The best way to do this is looking for solar quotes. This helps a lot to ensure that you are gearing towards the best deals possible. Comparing solar quotes in Dubbo, New South Wales is the best first step to do before you make this one time investment of going solar. You don’t want to regret later on because you have not been able to choose the best provider and you were not able to use your system to its full potential.

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