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It is Now Time to Go Solar in Geraldton, Western Australia

Residential and business owners alike suffer massively from the rising prices of electricity. This is the reason why a lot of people are in search of quality energy source at a much lower price. Hearing about alternative energy is nothing new, especially in Geraldton, Western Australia where a lot of people have already gone solar. Solar energy as an alternative form of energy is gaining ground in Geraldton and has continued to rise in recent years.

The benefits for Geraldton residents

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Geraldton is in such a good location that installing solar panels there would be a perfect move. It means that you won’t have to worry with the amount of sunlight received on a daily basis. Even at night or during winter season, you can still run your appliances at home using solar energy. Furthermore, the Australian government has been actively promoting the use of solar panels. This is the reason why there is a drastic increase in the number of residences with solar panels in the last 5 years. In fact, the government has already inspired over 1 million home owners to finally switch to solar energy. It started with the introduction of the feed-in-tariff scheme. However, even if it has been eliminated already in Western Australia, it has still inspired a lot of people to go solar.

A closer look at the price

Given all the benefits that you can get from solar energy, it is easy to say yes to installation right away. However, the difficult part is determining if you can afford it or not. The prices fluctuate depending on various factors domestically and around the world. Getting solar quotes is therefore the best way to have an idea on how much exactly it is that you have to spend.

There are different solar sizes for you to choose from depending on your family’s needs. The smallest one is the 1.5 kW solar system. It is the cheapest, but has very limited energy output as well. Therefore, it is not really recommended for a family of 3 and above. The 5kW solar system has the capacity to produce around 15-20 kWh of energy on a daily basis. Hence, if you use this much on an average, then going for this solar size is perfect for you.

Saving more money

The best way to save a lot from the upfront cost of solar panel installation is to start comparing solar quotes in Geraldton, Western Australia. Since the feed-in-tariff scheme is already over, the best way to reduce the amount you spend for electricity is to go for self-consumption. It means that you use as much energy as you can while the sun is up. By the time it is gone, you no longer need that much output. If you use a lot of energy when the sun is up, you won’t have to buy a lot from the grid.  Ultimately, this will help lower you electric bills. Imagine if this goes on over a longer period of time. If your electric bill keeps on going down, then you won’t have to pay a lot anymore. Even if the upfront cost of installation is high, you will still save a lot of money eventually. Therefore, it is still a great deal after all.

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